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Sakshi Nanda from New Delhi

It's a beautiful life

A short story after a long time. :)
3 hours ago by Sakshi Nanda
manu prakash tyagi from muzaffarnagar

dhani nala mangrove walk , rangat , andaman...

हम अपने होटल हवाबील नेस्ट में पहुंच गये थे । बस ने हमें...
3 hours ago by manu prakash tyagi
Rajkumar from Chennai

Coprolites – Indicate Former Presence of...

Coprolites are the preservation or fossilization of the matter of intestine and the excrement of organisms or it could be termed as fossilized faeces...
3 hours ago by Rajkumar
Nabanita Dhar from Bangalore, Pune, Dusseldorf

Yes, I'm a woman...So?

To all women - Stop following all the 'shoulds' and 'musts'. Only do what your heat wants.
3 hours ago by Nabanita Dhar
Krishna Chandran from Kochi, Cochin, Kerala

Doing the hard things!

The more you fail, the more stronger you become.
3 hours ago by Krishna Chandran
R Vyas from Salalah, Pune


Beauty of dewdrops..
3 hours ago by R Vyas
Alok Vats from New Delhi

Three Most Essential SEO Elements for Our Website!

While there are close to thousands of signals which decide the fate of your website as far it’s ranking on search engines is concerned, but...
3 hours ago by Alok Vats
Karan Sampat from Mumbai

Ransom Roshans

A humorous take on Suzanne's demand of 400 crores in alimony...
3 hours ago by Karan Sampat
Ananya  from Seattle, USA

Anand MELA !

Ananda Mela 2014 true to its name it was a festival of joy and happiness. This was my first time attending Ananda mela, I was amazed how big this...
3 hours ago by Ananya
Karan Sampat from Mumbai


A late but humorous prompt on Project 365s open prompt
3 hours ago by Karan Sampat

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pranish16 from Noida

Punctuality of we Indians!!!!!

We Indians lack the quality of being punctual and we don't value our precious time.
3 hours ago by pranish16
Anita from Kolkata, Bhubaneswar

No Spitting

Maintaining our Incredible India should be everyone's responsibility. Spoiling, Damaging, Littering, Pissing, Spitting... such a pity...
3 hours ago by Anita
Burt Phoenix from Mumbai

India – Rape Statistics

Rape Statistics from 2001-2010.
3 hours ago by Burt Phoenix
Preeti Farias from Mangalore

When minors commit major crimes

Age is just a number don't you think?
3 hours ago by Preeti Farias
Chiranshu from Karnal

How to Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster tools

Learn how to submit sitemap with step by step guide and what is the importance of sitemap
3 hours ago by Chiranshu