Piyush 5S for Health -Follow it.

from GrNoida
2 weeks ago

PIYUSH 5S CONCEPT I am Piyush Goel,believe in New Creations,always think somting new which is valuable to humane being. I have worked with Yamaha Motors and worked with Japanes, I always found them eager to get knowledge. We were sitting in a meeting all of a sudden one Japanes asked about what is 5s Concept everone of us knows 5S- Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. .....we all knows and answered. One of the Japanes was chain smoker(in the meeting cigarette is not allowed,many times I saw  cigarette in his hand) and within half an hour he took two cup of black Coffee,while discussing I intrupt and ask,Sir if you do not mind I have my 5S Concept for all of our health. Of Course yes yes Explain........... That is Indian 5S Concept for Health. 1.S---- STRAIN 2.S----STRESS 3.S----SALT 4.S----SMOKE 5.S----SUGAR Wow,Amazing......

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