Forum for newbies ,how they can tackle to bring their best ?

Can someone brief me,how newbie are suppose to deal with forum,when they don't even understand I & B in indiblogger,and also who has time to read your lengthy rules,though it is even an art to break the rules?Cool

Mods also use words like 'shame' and the most offending ones,but sometimes spam is unintentionally done by some honest bloggers?


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There are sticky threads. In fact, one is Welcome! First time here? Please read the rules of the forum 

Somebody gave me welcome drink



Now I had deleted one of my blog 

In blogger platform .

But again go to see I am not able to add it ?

How we can resolve this.

The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer
from Mumbai
6 months ago

You were told once.

You were told twice.

You were told thrice.

And you say "Unintentionally"? 

No matter how many times your thread was locked and said to read the forum rules, you refused and kept spamming. Yes, you should be ashamed after being told so many times. 


Being a newbie doesn't mean you shouldn't read the rules. 

Lengthy list of rules

There are no traffic sign over this road


The Sorcerer
from Mumbai
6 months ago

Aah good! You read the rules. You should follow those regardless since some of them come with examples. You were also told by other members not to spam but you didn't care. 

Hey there

How come sorcerer have arisen with such a sweet words,I think you got up from the wrong side today.

But thank you very much,

You guys got me on the right track..

I am always grateful 


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