Paid/Unpaid Guest-posting opportunities

Mihir Mishra
Mihir Mishra
from Delhi
2 months ago

Hi guys, I work for a digital marketing agency which is always in lookout for bloggers and website owners allowing guest-posting, contributing opportunities. Now, these opportunities can occasionally be paid and unpaid based on how well your website is performing in terms of traffic, DA, and whether it's relevant for their client. Besides, this would also lead to freelance writing opportunities as the company is also in look out for freelancers. Currently, we work with around 40 freelancers and would be happy to work with more. So, if you're interested, share your contact email and website name through indimail. I will share it with my employer and they will get in touch with you whenever there's a requirement. Admin, I'm not sure if this thread is relevant or not. If it is not, I'm sorry. You can delete it without awaring me about it.

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