Coronavirus: Similarities and Inequalities in Flu And Corona Virus-19

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Coronavirus: Similarities and Inequalities in Flu And Corona Virus-19

Nowadays, coronavirus has spread its footprint across the world and it has taken the form of a worldwide pandemic.


Coronavirus disease 19 Novel coronavirus infection disease and influenza or flu are both infectious respiratory diseases.

Coronavirus disease 19 and flu, both of these diseases may seem similar due to similar symptoms, but both these diseases are caused by different viruses.

Coronavirus: Similarities and Inequalities in Flu And Corona Virus-19

Coronavirus: Similarities and Inequalities in Flu And Corona Virus-19

Corona Virus Disease 19 and Flu or Influenza have the following similarities and inconsistencies, according to John Hopkins Medicine Senior Director Lisa Maragakis.

Similarities between Corona Virus Disease 19 and Flu



Symptoms like cough, body pain, fatigue sometimes vomiting and diarrhea are manifested by both diseases.

Both these diseases appear in mild, severe and fatal cases.

Both diseases can be converted into pneumonia.


Both diseases spread to other persons with tiny drops in the air from their mouth or nose while coughing, sneezing or speaking.

After touching a person or surface with a virus, touching their eyes, nose or mouth can also cause infection of both these diseases.

Flu can spread from an infected person several days before his symptoms appear. Coronavirus disease 19 also spreads in a similar way. But it is yet to be definitively proved.

The treatment

Treatment of both diseases is not possible with antibiotics, which are effective only in bacterial infections.

Treatment of both diseases is possible with the treatment given to reduce their symptoms like fever. The patient may require hospitalization or mechanical ventilation if the disease is severe.


The following steps are taken to prevent both diseases:

Washing hands thoroughly with antiseptic soap or 60% alcohol sanitizer

Cough in tissue

Stay at home

Limited contact with people infected with the disease

Inequalities between coronavirus disease 19 and flu



Corona Virus Disease 19:

It is caused by the novel coronavirus.


Flu is produced from many different types of viruses.

Coronavirus: Similarities and Inequalities in Flu And Corona Virus-19



While both flu and coronavirus disease 19 spread equally, there is a possibility of inequality in both. This inequality is:

Coronavirus disease 19 can spread by air. This means that the tiny corona virus-containing droplets released in the air by coughing, sneezing or speaking of a person infected with Corona Virus Disease 19, and in the absence of the person, through these small droplets present in the air, the disease is transmitted to other people. Can infect

Antiviral medicine

Corona Virus Disease 19:

Currently, anti-viral drugs from Corona Virus Disease 19 are under examination to see if they are able to diagnose symptoms of the disease.


Antiviral drugs can diagnose the symptoms of this disease and sometimes shorten the duration of the illness.


Corona Virus Disease 19

The vaccine is not available yet, although trials are being conducted.


Its vaccine is available. It has been found effective in protecting against extremely dangerous types of flu and reducing its intensity.


Corona Virus Disease 19:

It has about 1,21,564 cases across the world. Its 74 cases have been confirmed in India till 12 March.


It is estimated at 1 billion cases globally.

Death and Death Rate:

Corona Virus Disease 19:

According to the World Health Organization, 4,600 people have died worldwide from the disease.

As of March 12 in India, one person has died of the disease.

The death rate of this disease is 3% to 4%.


Around 2,91,000 to 6,46,000 people worldwide suffer from flu every year.

Flu mortality is 0.1%.

According to the World Health Organization, there are some further disparities between Coronavirus disease 19 and flu.

Coronavirus spreads slower than flu:

This is probably the most significant disparity between the two diseases. Symptoms of coronavirus disease 19 appear in a relatively short period of time in an infected person after a flu infection. That is, the incubation period of the flu is less than the coronavirus disease 19.

The serial interval between fluids is also lower than the coronavirus disease.

The serial interval of the coronavirus is five to six days while the serial interval of the flu is 3 days. Hence the flu spreads more quickly.

Coronavirus patients are contagious for more days than flu patients:

Some patients of the coronavirus start leaving the virus in their surroundings only 2 days after infection, even before symptoms appear.

Flu virus patients start leaving the environment 2 days after their virus symptoms appear for 1 week.

According to a study, patients who had been cured of coronavirus infection were leaving the virus in the environment for 20 days.

In patients with the coronavirus, this period has been found to be up to 37 days while at least this period has been found to be 8 days.

Additional infection

A person suffers an average of two additional infections after being infected with the coronavirus.

A person infected with the flu sometimes suffers from additional infections such as pneumonia. But only a few flu patients suffer from more than one additional infection.


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