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Indrani Ghose from Bangalore

Wordless - 299

Inviting your captions and titles on my wordless moments.
3 hours ago by Indrani Ghose
Tomichan Matheikal from New Delhi

The Ocean Beckons

They are the laws of the ocean. You should know them if you want to break free from the structures laid around you like a debilitating trap by...
3 hours ago by Tomichan Matheikal
Damyanti from Singapore

Do you have to be intelligent to be evil?

I wonder whether the intelligence that has given us humans such an advantage in evolution would one day be our undoing. (Even in the animal world, it...
3 hours ago by Damyanti
Vinay Nagaraju from Mysore


“Sometimes in life you’ll make a pit for someone in mind but ultimately that only person in the pit is yourself.” I guess we all...
3 hours ago by Vinay Nagaraju
Mridula from NCR

The walk to Chandratal. #Spiti

That The walk to Chandratal! #Spiti
3 hours ago by Mridula
manu prakash tyagi from muzaffarnagar

middle strait jetty , andaman , मिडिल...

रंगत से पोर्ट ब्लेयर के बीच में दो जगह समुद्र की धारा आती...
3 hours ago by manu prakash tyagi
Bushra Muzaffar from Noida

Teej and Rakhi Festival in Noida

Swings, mehndi and color green are the symbols of the festival of Teej. A note on the celebration of Teej in Noida.
3 hours ago by Bushra Muzaffar
Kiran Acharya from Mumbai

Lokmaya Tilak: the man who dared to dream

#Respect Lokmanya Tilak
3 hours ago by Kiran Acharya
Maniparna Sengupta Majumder from Kolkata

Book Review: The Reach of the Banyan Tree by Mark...

The country of Vietnam, its struggle for independence,hatred for the French and the Americans , the leader Ho Chi Minh and the current...
3 hours ago by Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
Anusree Burman from Kolkata


A five sentence fiction on sexual abuse and the subsequent pain and consequences..
3 hours ago by Anusree Burman

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Anawn Imiss from New Delhi

of legacies

So what do you want to be when you grow up? She asks as you nibble on the cookie. A housewife. A housewife? Mrs. Gupta’s eyes widen. Why,...
3 hours ago by Anawn Imiss
Arpitha Holla from Bangalore

So you are an engineera ?

Why I choose engineering.
3 hours ago by Arpitha Holla
Ashwini from Mysore

Nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop and an...

Mainstream and offbeat are two faces of the same coin.
3 hours ago by Ashwini
Arpit Rastogi from Chandigarh

Dream, What?

I wrote this post after leaving my IT job, i am an engineer turned wedding photographer like almost every other guy with DSLR :P
3 hours ago by Arpit Rastogi
Datta Ghosh from Kolkata

Clipped Wings??

Who is the master of our lives?.....we are
3 hours ago by Datta Ghosh