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Reviews for Sorting Out Sid

Yashodhara Lal

Sorting Out Sid : review
by Kokila Gupta

The book is a slice of a life book for a light read offering more flavours then a full course.... Its crisp and witty and targets the metro life style and relations in juxtaposition.

Sorting out Sid-Yashodahara Lal-Book review
by Shrinidhi Hande

Sorting out Sid is a fiction revolving around a deteriorating marriage. It is the story of Sidharth, who is a senior executive at a firm that makes toilet cleaner, who proceeds to become company’s youngest VP. But his personal life is on a roller coaster ride. His marriage with a college senior isn’t going well, with disputes and arguments spoiling every day. With an imminent divorce, Sid is hooke

Adjectives for Sid
by Arvind Passey

How do I describe Sid... The brownie-sophical s-o-b... or The bollockseer... or The toilorous gonado-giggle... The comittic attraction around... or The prickewed hilarity of Sid? Sid isn’t just a character in a novel who is perpetually in some or the other mess all the time. He is actually forever sorting himself out…

Book Review - Sorting Out Sid
by Geeta Nair

Meet Sid aka Siddharth the protagonist – The Hero Sid, The Party Sid, The………..

Book Review : Sorting Out Sid
by Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

ashodhara Lal has a special skill to induce laughter even from day-to-day mundane incidents and Sorting Out Sid is a book which is sure to make you smile . Meeting the protagonist Siddharth Agarwal aka Sid is like meeting a guy-next-door.

Book Review: Sorting Out Sid
by Fairy Princess

The most boring chick lit I've ever come across! I don't know what else to say!

Sorting Out Sid - Book Review
by Anita

Review of Yashodhara Lal's book- 'Sorting Out Sid'. Have you read it?

Sorting out Sid
by Tomichan Matheikal

A novel that makes you smile and laugh almost all the way. A little too much fun. But the concluding part redeems the plot with a serious theme developing quite naturally.

Sorting Out Sid
by Smita

light humours read Sorting Out Sid makes for a quick read. Go for it :)

Sorting Out Sid- Book Review
by Padmajha Suresh

A humorous tale which talks about the modern day living and relationships

Sorting Out Sid By Yashodhara Lal
by Bushra M

There's a saying which goes 'Never judge a book by its cover'. This saying does not go at all with this book at all! Everything about this book, 'Sorting Out Sid' by Yashodhara Lal, from the innovative.....Read more......

Sorting Out Sid - Book Review
by P Pradeep

In short "Sorting Out Sid" is one book that has all - Job pressure, a stupid boss to impress, sycophancy, a nagging wife, a breaking relationship and a blossoming new relationship with another woman.

Sorting Out Sid
by Shilpa Garg

Book Review of Sorting Out Sid by Yashodhara Lal

Sorting Out Sid: A Book Review
by Jaspreet Soni

Come here, my dear, you are so near…. Please have no fear, I love my beer….’ He ransacked his brain to come up with the last line to do justice to the poet in him and came up with ‘And my name is…. Sid’ This is Sid for you, the protagonist of ‘Sorting Out Sid’ who very closely resembles urban, uber-cool, working, unabashed, impulsive, witty and too-busy breed of modern India.

Sorting out Sid by Yashodhara Lal
by Seeta Bodke

When you finally put this book down, what strikes you the most is how apt the title is - Sorting out Sid. Yes, right from the start till you have read the last word on the final page, all that is happening is Sid getting sorted out. Not by him or his friends or his colleagues or his parents or his wife but by you and me on this breezy ride.

Book Review : Sorting Out Sid
by Priyanka Roy Banerjee

The book is about Sid. It is his story. But it is as much a story of people cocooned around him – Mandira, Neha, Aditi – the women! Much recommended for everyone in and around their thirties. This is one book I’d love to wait for a sequel.