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Campaigns & partnerships


Flipkart - #SmartHomeRevolution

Usage of smart products have changed the way the world works. Why do we need smart devices in our lives? What are the advantages they bring us?

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Lufthansa - #TheBlindList

The more we see the world, the more we fall in love with it! The more we blindly trust it to reveal its incredible beauty wherever we go, unveiling amazing new experiences at every turn. BUT… What if the world invited you on a blind date?

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Google for Tamil

Continuing their commitment to support more Indian languages and encourage content creation on the web, Google launched AdSense support for Tamil in February this year.

To take the engagement ahead with the Tamil content creator community, they are now coming to cities near you!

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How wide can you go?

Smile 😃. Click 🤳. #Tag . Hellooooo #Instagram!

The task is simple folks - Take a selfie with as many people as you can fit into the frame. The selfies with the most number of people in it win!

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A selfie a day keeps forgetfulness away

Is there such a thing as a perfect selfie?
Hmmm… maybe..? Well, who cares what anybody else thinks, right? We all have that one selfie that has captured a precise, perfect moment and frozen it in time forever. Show us that selfie and win prizes!

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Mobiistar IndiBlogger Meet
It’s finally here folks! Two much-awaited events rolled into one - The entry of Mobiistar into the Indian Market and a super fabulous IndiBlogger meet in New Delhi. This isn’t one you’ll want to miss.

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Definitely PTE

Studying or working abroad comes with a whole set of challenges; some of which we are aware and some, we stumble upon along the way - passport validities, visa applications, country regulation details, university acceptances, accepted English tests and so on. Pearson India is taking the initiative to make one of the steps in this journey hassle free - by creating awareness about how PTE Academic can help you move abroad for study, work or immigration.



Why do you love the world?
How has open-mindedness changed the way you see the world? Has saying yes to the world given you a different perspective on life and the world around you? Tell us your story of why you love the world.



Share your thoughts on the current situation of water conservation
Every time someone leaves a glass of water unfinished, it results in wastage. To bring awareness to the importance of water conservation, Livpure has taken an innovative initiative, #CuttingPaani, that helps us become more mindful of the way we consume water.

Future Ready With Bose


Future Ready With Bose
It is the future, and wearing your Google VPA enabled Bose QC35 II headphones is now the norm. Write a blog post telling your past self about how it has changed the way you interact with the world.

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