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Reviews for The Price You Pay

Somnath Batabyal

Book Review : The Price You Pay
by Priyanka Roy Banerjee

A gripping read, refreshingly away from all the Mumbai mafia. Delhi as the scene of crime is beautifully portrayed through the eyes of insiders and outsiders. Good work on investigative journalism.

Book Review : The Price You Pay by Somnath Batabyal
by Shilpa Garg

The Price You Pay is a racy-pacy crime thriller that takes you in the world of crime journalism.

Book Review: The Price You Pay
by VIshal V. Kale

This is a superb book - quite literally, unputdownable. For a debut novel, it is awesome. One of the best debut novels I have read in a long, very long time. The pace is relentless - which is a marvel, as the genre is not one which lends itself to rapid pace. The plot is plausible, and entirely feasible in the real world, That is the clincher.

Book Review - The Price you Pay by Somnath Batabyal
by Tina Basu

A fast crime thriller which dwells in the grinds of journalism and the murky waters of Piloce and crime

Book Review: The Price you pay by Somnath Batabyal
by Rachna Parmar

The book reads well, keeps the reader on tenterhooks and unfolds brilliantly nicely building the suspense as events unfold in Abhishek’s career. But the climax is a downer. Had it been a bit different and a little less filmy, this book would have been outstanding. It is still a very good read.

The Price you Pay - Somnath Batabyal

Uday Kumar is a Supercop. He is famous for having nabbed many criminals. Amir Akhtar is a veteran journalist with Express. Abhishek Dutta is a rookie, with some experience of editing a magazine called Secure Now. On an impulse Amir gives Abhishek a chance at a job. Abhishek gets lucky when he overhears Uday Kumar and a junior cop exchanging classifed information.

Review : The Price you Pay by Somnath Batabyal
by Amitava Chakrabarty

If you don't get a hand to this crime fiction, just peek into this piece to get the story.

Book Review :The Price You Pay.
by vasudha rao

This is the tale of Abhishek Dutta who joins the press in Delhi.He befriends the police .His stories make headlines .He hops on to the television only to get disillusioned.Will he return to the press or stay on ? Will he be as lucky all the times ?