Blog Compass by Google

Introducing Blog Compass by Google

An app built for bloggers, shaped by your feedback

Blog Compass tracks all of your site’s statistics in one place, suggests trending topics to write about based on your interests and posting history, and provides insights into how your blog is understood by Google Search.

If your blog runs on WordPress or, download the app for Android and tell us what you think!

Download Blog Compass By Google

A short while back, we sent out a request for Indian bloggers to join our trusted testers program and help us build great products for the Indian blogging community. For the past couple months, those testers have been providing feedback on a new app that we’re making available today as an open beta: Blog Compass.

Blog Compass is an Android app that integrates with WordPress and blogs. It tracks all of your site’s statistics and helps you get inspired to write your next blog post.

Thanks to all of the trusted testers from IndiBlogger
who helped us test the app until now. Your input found 316 bugs and feature requests, over 80% of which have already been fixed.

If you’re interested in shaping the future of the Blog Compass app, download it now and give us your feedback!