IndiBlogger™ Campaigns and Brand Engagements

#DigitalIndia by Intel

  • E-governance will empower Indians by providing access to citizen services, information on reforms, and be the platform to collaborate with the government.


  • When was the last time you took a bold step and brought about a big change in your life?

Takeaway level: Singapore

  • Discover Singapore cuisine via a battle of creative memes!


  • How spending time with loved ones give us the motivation needed to go on with optimism!


  • From the makers of the original #IndiMum, it's an all-day, invite-only, super-charged, [insert superlative here] event on blogging, and nothing but blogging!

Asus IndiBlogger Meet - Bangalore

  • 200+ Elite bloggers experience the latest from Asus, the Pirates of the Carribean and a performance by the IndiBand!

Dry baby, happy baby

  • The sweet, silly and fun things that make babies happy!

Look Up Stories

  • Moments that fill us with optimism and hope for the future - like buying a new home!

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

  • Stories on how family guides and encourages us to grow into better, more self-reliant people.

Bedtime Rituals

  • Fun bedtime rituals you share with your little one, and how they help give your baby a good night’s rest.


  • Could the Asus Zenfone possibly be the Valentine you've been looking for?

Befikar Umar Bhar

  • Uniquely Indian bucket lists!


  • Personal opinions on how your lifestyle decides what gadgets you buy!

The Great Indian Litterbug

  • Humourous takes (and some angry ones) on The Great Indian Litterbug


  • Nobody likes interruptions. Can you think of reasons why you would prefer chat over a phone call?

Garnier Pure Active Neem

  • Pimples - the bane of our existence!

Cupid Games 2015

  • The boldest ways to propose to your crush on Valentine's day!


  • New year's resolutions on re-discovering one's passion!

The truth always wins

  • Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein!

Teddy Travelogues

  • The vacations we take our children on are different in a very special way - Kids see vacations very differently from adults!


  • Stories on overcoming fear and achieving victory!


  • Responsibility on the road is not just towards one's own self but also to the other motorists and pedestrians. Bloggers drive this point home (safely) with Nissan!


  • Reasons to fall in love with Melbourne, the most livable city in the world!


  • Interesting travel wish lists from Indian bloggers!

The Power of Voice to Clean India

  • There are places that need cleaning, people who deserve your attention & authorities who need to hear your opinions! Don’t be a silent spectator.

Banega Swachh India

  • A Dettol-IndiChange initiative to spread the message about sanitation and hygiene beginning at home.


  • Personal experiences on how to #BringBackTheTouch in your relationship.

Getting lucky with FatCat

  • Playing games on your mobile is fun, but what if you could play a game AND potentially change your life?


  • Bloggers join Domex in their initiative to help make villages ‘open-defecation’ free.


  • Anticipation builds around the largest commercial aircraft in history making it's first landing in India!


  • There’s no denying that the best memories we have of Diwali are the ones spent at home, the #GharWaliDiwali.


  • Deeply personal experiences about healthy children and happy homes.


  • Experience true 24K Living with Porcelanosa!


  • Unique travel stories where one might experience something that's more Indian than one would expect!


  • Imagine a world where your smart phone had super powers!

Godrej Aer

  • The first-ever crowd-inspired fragrances for Godrej aer.

Beautiful Food by Borosil!

  • Can a great meal look even more beautiful in Borosil glassware?

Kotak Jifi

  • Experiences with the world's first socially powered bank account.

BMW Experience Tour 2014

  • Bloggers get an opportunity to experience sheer driving pleasure and the fascinating world of BMW.

British Airways #MrAndMrs

  • How far would you go to get closer to someone you love? Go further to get closer!

Incredible ASUS IndiBlogger Meet

  • Asus and Intel in association with IndiBlogger put together a spectacular and unforgettable evening around the launch of the all new Asus Zen phone.

Zindagi IndiBlogger Meet

  • Zee introduces an event to break all barriers, where bloggers in Mumbai and Delhi interact directly with scriptwriters, actors and directors from Pakistan.

Time to Transform!

  • What keeps you hooked on to technology even when you're on the move?

Kissan - Nature's Friends

  • Bloggers get to know Kissanpur, where children are encouraged to befriend nature.

The Nokia XL IndiBlogger meet

  • Nokia Apptasting returns to Delhi in an all-new format with the swashbuckling hosts Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni.

A Play Date with Dove!

  • An event at Mumbai with a refreshing agenda: "Let your hair down and just have fun!"

Smelly Encounters

  • A campaign by Raccold - What's that smell boss?

Kotak Jifi Launch Events

  • Three cities, over six hundred bloggers and one uniquely interactive experience!

Sunsilk Real FM Screening

  • An exclusive screening of Anurag Basu's film "Sunsilk Real FM".

Skyscanner IndiBlogger Meet

  • An IndiBlogger meet where bloggers travel the world on a Skyscanner-powered treasure hunt!

The Journey of doing right.

  • Half Stories - the Journey of Doing Right, is a 2000 km journey across India that aims to find and film everyday stories of everyday people.

Condition Serious Hai!

  • Seriousness is a very serious disease. From that annoying aunty, who’s more concerned about your life than your parents are... #ConditionSeriousHai.

India Today Conclave 2014

  • Selecting the official blogger contingent for the prestigious India Today Conclave.

Travel Smart with Skyscanner

  • Pick a destination that you would like to visit in 2014, and tell us how you would travel smart to this dream destination!

Your wish is my App II

  • The Nokia IndiBlogger Meet comes to Delhi, with the swashbuckling hosts Vikas Khanna, Rajiv Makhni and Vishal Gondal!

The Hope Project

  • A campaign that helps ex-davadasi women to become entrepreneurs. #HopeProject

Knowledge is Great

  • If you could study/specialize in any subject of your choice in the UK, what would it be, where and why?

Recharge your hair

  • Find out why recharging your hair also recharges your life!

Dance, India Dance! meet

  • Geting jiggy with the best of Delhi's bloggers and Zee TV's "Dance, India, Dance!" judges for an evening of fun, frolic and blogging!

Indian General Election 2014

  • How would you inspire and mobilize India's youth to vote in the Indian General Elections 2014 using social mobile apps?

Dove Guessing Game

  • A contest about all the silly crimes you've had with your best friend.


  • Follow four IndiBloggers as they re-create the journey Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone portrayed in the movie Chennai Express!

Catch the flavour!

  • A unique contest with bloggers picking a team and competing with each other!

Better Way

  • How everyday life has changed because of tablets.

An Immune India

  • A contest about building a stronger, more immune India.

Traditional Knowledge

  • A contest about Ayurvedic vs. Chemically processed/synthetic products

Platinum Day of Love

  • The most heartfelt stories win precious platinum jewellery.

The Indian Blogger Awards

  • The Indian Blogger Awards 2013:
    65 categories, 7000 nominations, 24 celebrity judges and a nail-biting online awards night.

The future of shopping

  • A futuristic look at shopping in the year 2030.

I am Explorer!

  • A fictional theme about exploring the final frontier with the new Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition!

HP Android IndiMeet at Mumbai

  • An evening of discussing new technology and HP’s entry into the Multi-OS market.

Creating Happy Travellers!

  • A contest about having the ability to take family and friends to any place on the planet on a holiday.

The Idea Caravan

  • IndiBloggers write about the brilliant, thought-provoking ideas presented at TEDxGateway Mumbai.

Ambi Pur Home IndiMeet, Delhi

  • The meet where “Smelly to Smiley” was proven!

The Perfect Road Trip

  • Bloggers talk about their idea of a perfect road trip.

HP Print Art IndiMeet at Delhi

  • An afternoon of creative art with bloggers and their families from across Delhi NCR.

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

  • A fictional theme, where bloggers wrote about conversing with dead and fictional people via WeChat!

Cloud Blogathon IndiMeet

  • Microsoft & IndiBlogger unlock the power of the cloud at Bangalore.

Ring The Bell for IndiChange

  • A campaign where INR 1 Lakh was donated towards stopping violence against women for every 50 blog posts.

The Moral of The Story Is...!

  • A contest about ignoring warning signs, and how ignoring bleeding gums can lead to bigger problems.

Neutrogena IndiBlogger Meet

  • Hundreds of bloggers got away from the summer heat to chill under one roof at Mumbai.

Microsoft Office 365 IndiMeet

  • The very first Microsoft #MeetOffice365 IndiBlogger Meet at New Delhi.

The Xtreme IndiBlogger Meet

  • An adventure packed Saturday evening as the Tata Safari Storme took Mumbai's IndiBloggers on an Xtreme Drive never experienced before!

Zee TV Connected IndiMeet

  • The launch of Zee TV's new series “Connected Hum Tum”, where the six main participants were revealed, live and in person for the first time!

My Weekend Party Contest

  • A contest about hosting a weekend party for friends and family. Winners get exotic holiday packages!

Ambi Pur IndiMeet, Chennai

  • The launch of the “Smelly to Smiley” movement which made #FreshNHappy go viral globally!

HP Connected Music, Delhi NCR

  • An afternoon of music with the finest bloggers from around Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida.

Mumbai For Women

  • The Times Of India and IndiBlogger come to Bangalore and Mumbai to discuss issues affecting women.

ISB iDiya for IndiChange

  • Blog posts highlighting social causes result in cash donations towards NGOs chosen by IndiBloggers.

HP Connected Music IndiMeet

  • An evening of music, live grills and gourmet food - with lots of screaming bloggers!

Ring The Bell!

  • IndiBlogger and Breakthrough come together to launch “Ring The Bell” in India.

TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair

  • Bloggers describe how they get their hair ramp-ready. 15 Galaxy Tabs go to the winners!

Beautiful Braids with Dove

  • Stories about the good old days, and beautiful braids!

The Original IndiBlogger Meet

  • IndiBlogger and HP present an afternoon of original awesomeness, with a bit of "smoke on the water" thrown in.

The Straight Hair Experiment

  • The craziest, wackiest, wildest experimental idea to get Perfect Straight Hair won exciting prizes!

Nokia Apptasting, Gangnam Style

  • The Nokia AppTasting experience comes to Bangalore, with the ever-popular hosts Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna.

ITC Grand Chola Preview

  • IndiBloggers experience an era of magnificence & splendour at the launch of Chennai's most spectacular luxury Hotel, ITC Grand Chola.

WordCamp Mumbai

  • IndiBlogger drives the very first WordCamp at Mumbai.

Pantene Women's IndiMeet

  • Bloggers let their hair down at the Pantene Nature Fusion IndiBlogger meet.

Shoppers Stop Perfect Look

  • Bloggers put together their perfect ensemble and got to shop at Shoppers Stop for free!

Junoon IndiMeet at New York

  • Junoon and celebrity chef Vikas Khanna host an IndiBlogger meet at New York.

Vodafone Speedfest IndiMeet

  • An IndiBlogger Meet where Lewis Hamilton had an informal chat with hundreds of IndiBloggers!

Nokia Apptasting IndiMeet

  • An epic evening of blogging and apptasting at Taj Land's End in Mumbai, hosted by Rajiv Makhni & Vikas Khanna!

The Del Monte Recipe Carnival

  • Winning recipes using Del Monte products win Netbooks, Smartphones and are featured on!

Time to visit Melbourne NOW!

  • IndiBloggers wrote about the experiences they would bring back from Melbourne. Winning bloggers win all-expense paid trips to see their dreams come to life!

Soak No More!

  • A Contest and an IndiBlogger Meet involving over 300 bloggers, where it was proven that we had to soak no more!

Love Marriage or Arranged

  • Close to 400 IndiBloggers explored the debate between love marriages and arranged marriages. Winners took home Kindles and shopping vouchers.

The end of my hair problems!

  • The best stories on beautiful hair and ending hair problems were awarded Apple iPads and Samsung Smartphones from Dove!

Internet is fun!

  • Bloggers wrote about how the internet is fun on their mobiles. Winners were flown to Chennai for the IPL finals and took home Sony PlayStations!

The Lakmé Diva Contest

  • IndiBloggers write about how they would live it up in the summer with Kyra! The top entries won exotic holidays and Amazon Kindle Fires.

Time To Change!

  • 375+ bloggers came together to make a difference. The best entries on making a change for the better won Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxys' & Kindles.

Mahindra XUV Incredible Stories!

  • Bloggers shared their incredible travel experiences and won Apple iPads, Mahindra Great Escape Holidays and Amazon Kindles.

Around The World With Expedia!

  • Indian Bloggers described the remarkable people they've met while traveling and won all-expense paid trips to the USA, Australia, UK, Japan and Singapore.

Kissan 100% Real Contest

  • Bloggers took a walk down memory lane and described experiences that felt 100% real to win nature trail packages worth 2.25 lakhs.

KFC Sets You On Fire!

  • Blogging about fiery events in their lives won bloggers prizes worth Rs.90,000 from Colonel Sanders.

MasterChef Contest

  • Bloggers conjured up innovative recipes to win exclusive Master Chef India merchandise.

MasterChef IndiBlogger Meet

  • Bloggers from all over India were invited to the live sets of MasterChef India, where they got to try out their culinary skills with the celebrity chefs.

#HPORIGINALS IndiBlogger Meet

  • A Meet in New Delhi which saw teams hunt for hidden bar codes with their smart phones and a hilarious role-playing debate on internet censorship.

Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart

  • What would you do if you had two extra hours in a day? Bloggers answered this question to win iPads, Blackberry Playbooks and more.

Dove Women's IndiBlogger Meet

  • Indian women bloggers were treated to a nourishing spa experience by Dove at the Four Seasons hotel, Mumbai.

Dove - Love Your Hair

  • Bloggers blogged about how loving your hair makes it love you back. Winners walked away with iPads, HTC Wildfires and got featured in top magazines.

It's time to TAB!

  • Bloggers competed for 20 Galaxy Tab 750s and the chance to be Samsung Brand Ambassadors.

Galaxy Tab IndiBlogger Meet

  • 300 Indian Bloggers got a hands-on look at the just- launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 amidst fun, serious discussion and camaraderie.

Tata Grande Blogger Meet

  • 250 Bloggers experienced the Tata Grande at the Hyatt Regency in Chennai. They even drove it all the way from the Tata showroom to the venue.

Yahoo! Dove Real Beauty

  • Indian Bloggers described what "real beauty" means to them and walked away with 3.5 lakhs in cash.

Fiat Freedom of Diesel

  • Creative tales on beating the fuel hikes won IndiBloggers fuel vouchers worth Rs.50,000.

Take Flight With Colour

  • Bloggers imagined how things that are black & white would look in colour and won Laserjet printers worth Rs.60,000.

Dell Change is easy.

  • Bloggers wrote about their gadgets representing their true identity. The best blog post won a Dell Inspiron laptop.

  • Travel bloggers blogged about their favourite trip and it's purpose. They tripped some more when they won flight tickets worth 1.2 lakhs.

Akshaya Patra Contest

  • Blogging for food took on a whole new meaning when Indian bloggers enabled Akshaya Patra to feed 6250 more underprivileged children everyday.

Akshaya Patra IndiBlogger Meets

  • Bloggers came together at Bangalore and Kolkata to learn how Akshaya Patra feeds more than a million underprivileged children everyday.

Close-up Fire Freeze

  • Bloggers wrote about the magical chemistry in opposites and won Rs.75,000.

Tata Docomo 3G Life

  • Bloggers blogged about the difference 3G makes to their lives and walked away with one lakh in cash.

Club Mahindra Jiyo Life

  • Bloggers from all over India blogged about making the most of every moment in their lives and won LCD TVs, Sony Playstations and more.

Pepsi Youngistaan Ka WOW!

  • Bloggers participated in the Youngistaan Ka Wow! campaign to win the 30,000 cash Prize.

Microsoft IndiBlogger Meets

  • Microsoft and IndiBlogger unite Indian bloggers across the country with IndiMeets in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai.

HP My Demand

  • Bloggers came up with ideas for whacky & imaginary inventions to win three HP Color Lazerjets.

Billion Hearts Beating

  • Bloggers did what they do best and blogged to spread awareness on heart disease and win the thirty thousand rupee cash prize.