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विरुद्ध आहार: बीमारियों की असली वजह (Incompatible food: real cause of diseases)

हमारे शरीर को स्वस्थ्य बनानेवाली चीजे जैसे कि दूध, दही, कई तरह के फल और सब्जियां भी घातक हो सकते हैं...विरुद्ध आहार ही कई गंभीर बीमारियों की असली वजह हैं...!!

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How to Schedule Facebook Posts to Save Time- Profile, Pages and Groups

Facebook is the largest marketing place on the web with billions of active users. If

Sunil Deepak
12 hours ago

Fighting Superbugs

A review of Matt McCarthy's book on Superbugs or the bacteria which are resitant to most antibiotics and about the efforts to find new antiobiotics to fight them

6 hours ago

Fish on the wall

A beautiful mural at the Sassoon docks. Linking to  Monday Murals

C. Suresh
23 hours ago

Trekking near Dharamshala - II

Humor, Philosophy, Fiction and Treks/Travels

Jiten Upadhyay
1 day ago

Disciples of Trikaal | Short Book Review

** spoiler alert ** [This book is provided by ThinkerViews, as part of book review collaboration” in the review.] Book Title : Disciples of Trikaal Prequel Story to Time Travelers Series Author : Varun Sayal Publisher : Self Publied (1 October 2019) # of Pages : (3468 KB) 80 (Kindle EBook) # of Chapters : ...

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Warangal trip blog- Hyderabad to Warangal Trip- Warangal tourist places

Warangal trip blog gives Hyderabad to Warangal trip plan, Warangal Tourist Places, laknavaram, Bogatha falls,


QUALITY.. WHAT'S IT LIKE? 'Sun rises and sets, Day light breaks and fades, Seasons come and go, Tides rise and fall, Flowe...

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How to Convert Any Video File to MP4

MP4 is our most preferred version of videos nowadays. It delivers high definition output and

Krazy Butterfly
1 day ago

Nuwara Eliya, the Exotic Little England of Sri Lanka

Perched 6000ft above sea-level, is Nuwara Eliya, the exotic tea city of Sri Lanka. This refined conurbation with a British feel is frequently cited, as the Little England of the hill country. Nuwara E


Lalbagh Flower Show 2019...

Arts & Theatre