Ideas for Edition 249

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For working parents it become necessary to leave a small child to maid/grand-parents and resume their work life. Sometimes child become so attached to them, they forget their parent. Do you encourage this culture or something needs to be changed? #Rightorwrongdirection

Flattery is the key to success. Do you believe in this statement? #flattering

Is silence a part of conversation or a snobbish delight? #Silencecharacter

Is a violent and depraved society an indicator that a new phase is just round the corner? - When I say this am I being delusional OR a hopeless optimist OR a fool who knows nothing? #TruthAboutSociety

Do we keep hopping from one political party to another, one election to another, and one phase of frustration to the next? What must the common man do to change India? Do we continue to believe in the current system OR brain-storm for something new? #TruthAboutOurFuture

Pollution troubles our cities... but are air purifiers the answer? Are air purifier companies simply unloading great sounding marketing gimmickry? Do we change our habits and systems OR buy air purifiers? #TruthAboutAirPurifiers