The New Delhi HP IndiBlogger Meet

Get set for Delhi's biggest IndiBlogger meet!

HP IPG and IndiBlogger bring you an evening of fun, frolic and blogging. This is HP IPG's 3rd Blogger Meet across India and the first one in Delhi! The event promises to be very exciting with HP IPG's launch of their brand new range of Inks and toners.

Get to know the faces behind the blogs you know - or meet the faces first and go find their blogs later!

× This event ended on Sun 11 Dec, 2011 6:00 pm

December 11, 2011 Sunday

1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

New Delhi

The Park, New Delhi
15 Parliament Street
New Delhi 110001
Nearest Metro Station - Rajiv Chowk Metro Near Connaught Place View Map

174 Attendees

99% Taken


Item Time By
1. Registration 1:30 PM Bloggers
2. Just The Beginning 2 PM IndiTeam
3. An HP IPG Welcome 2:15 PM HP IPG
4. 49 Seconds of Fame 2:25 PM Bloggers
5. #HPOriginals 3:25 PM Bloggers
6. Mingling / High Tea 3:45 PM Bloggers
7. Live & Let Comment 4:10 PM Bloggers
8. IndiBlogger Forum 4:30 PM Bloggers
9. Head home and keep blogging! 5:00 PM Bloggers, Auto drivers, etc.

Things you may want to bring:

If you have a smart phone, please download and install a QR Scanner app. You can also download it at the meet itself, using the free wi-fi. If you don't have a smart phone that supports QR apps, don't worry!

Here are some free apps you may want to try out:

iPhone: QRReader (by TamMedia)
Android: QR Droid (by DroidLa)
Blackberry: QR Code Scanner Pro - Free
Nokia: Nokia barcode reader