Dove All Women's IndiBlogger Meet

Dove invites you for a day, where you can leave your hair problems behind and just have fun.

You can learn about your concerns, find the right solution, let your hair down and more… So come, enjoy your day with Dove.

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June 10, 2012 Sunday

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

New Delhi

The Park New Delhi
15 Parliament Street
Connaught Place

Nearest Metro: Rajiv Chowk
Opposite Jantar Mantar

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110 Attendees

100% Taken


Item Time By
1. Registration 10:00 AM Bloggers
2. 60 seconds of fame 10:15 AM Bloggers
3. Problems? Leave them behind! 11:00 AM Bloggers
4. Let your hair down with a stand-up comedy act 11:40 AM Dove
5. Be Hair Aware with the Dove app 12:10 PM Dove
6. Hear it from the expert 12:30 PM Dr.Rohini Wadhwani
7. "My Beautiful Hair" Contest 1:00 PM Dove & Bloggers
8. Lunch 1:30 PM Everyone