The Surf Excel Matic IndiBlogger Meet

#SoakNoMore comes to Bangalore with an IndiBlogger meet that promises to be the event of the year. For the very first time, you are invited to bring your families as well!

Register now before all the seats are taken!

× This event ended on Sat 04 Aug, 2012 5:15 pm

August 4, 2012 Saturday

1:30 PM - 5:15 PM


The Capitol Hotel
Raj Bhavan Road

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142 Attendees

95% Taken


Item Time By
1. Registration 1:30 PM Bloggers
2. In The Beginning 2:00 PM IndiTeam
3. We Are Family 2:10 PM IndiBloggers
4. Soak No More 3:00 PM Bloggers
5. No Soaks About It 3:30 PM Surf Excel Matic
6. IndiForum 3:45 PM Bloggers
7. High Tea 4:30 PM Bloggers
8. Back to school 4:45 PM Bloggers
9. Head home and keep blogging! 5:15 PM Bloggers, Auto drivers, etc.