Please guide me.

Right now my blog url is

I got my account approved using the above url and now I wish to change the url. So my question is can I do the changes of my blog url?

Will it be accepted by and if I change my blog url then what about my previously shared posts on the blog

Please guide me and I want to change my blog url so that it could be as short as possible.

Have a nice day.

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Vallabh Kulkarni
Vallabh Kulkarni
from Pune
7 years ago

I think your blog is get accepted...

because you are going to change total URL of blog...

But remember that you must add blog in indiblogger newly.. dont edit the previously submitted URL (as I think, there may be a feed problem when you changes the URL).. and when start newly submitted URL, you have to again start form 0th rank..  

Anunoy Samanta
Anunoy Samanta
from Bardhaman
7 years ago

I think you've to contact Indi-technical-team...

just for your solace, sometimes long urls are more easy to remember... may be something like Wink

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