The Indian Blogger Awards 2017

Renie Ravin
Renie Ravin
from Chennai
3 years ago

Join your fellow IndiBloggers this evening at 7PM on Twitter and Facebook for our launch of the biggest, baddest, most definitive Blogging Awards yet!




  1. We launch the Indian Blogger awards, 2017
  2. We have developed something new and would like to share it.
  3. Celebrate 10 years of IndiBlogger.

Can't wait until 7PM? Join #IBA2017 now, bring chips!

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Will all participants get certificates? I am yet to get mine. 

Vikash Kumar Bhakta
Vikash Kumar Bhakta
from Raigarh
2 years ago

Yesterday evening I got my certificate. Holding the certificate feels like standing at top of this world. Thanks Renie.

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