IndiPR is a system designed to help businesses with their content marketing needs and reward quality publishers with an income.

Thousands of businesses, products and services are launched everyday across the world. When these products go live, a press release is usually the first order of business. For businesses of various sizes, including start-ups, this system will help them get articles from relevant publishers in just 72 hours.

Registrations and commercial services have only been launched in India at the moment. A global version with pay-outs for publishers is expected to be launched by the end of 2016.
This version of the system is for bloggers. If you have a valid blog that complies with these guidelines, you can register your blog here.
If you are not a blogger but you are present on other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, later versions of IndiPR will include these services. Please follow us on Twitter on Facebook for updates.


The main component of IndiPR is called the Automated Influencer Targeting Engine or A.I.T.E and it enables businesses to simply upload their Press Releases, pay online and check for the published articles on their dashboards after 72 hours.

When a project is posted, the system alerts all the registered publishers and you will be able to apply for it. AITE then chooses the best possible candidates based on an internal scoring and rating system. If chosen from the pool of applicants, you can reject or accept the project. Once you accept the project, you will not be able to cancel it for any reason.

The system automatically dispenses publisher payments within 14 business days from the day the project is posted.

As a publisher, you can apply for only ONE project at a time. Once you have submitted your article and your status with regards to the project is complete, you will be able to apply for other projects.

There are 5 stages to your application -

  • 1: Applied – In this stage, a request for publishing of a press release will be sent out as an email. You can apply to only one campaign at a time. So choose the one that best suits the content of your blog. The application process will be open for 12 hours from the time the project is posted on
  • 2: Shortlisted - AITE will automatically shortlist the best candidates for the project and if selected, you will receive an email with the subject line “Shortlisted - ”.
  • 3: Accept/Decline – In this stage, you have to accept or decline this project within 24 hours from the time the project is posted on If you reject this project, it will be passed on to the next publisher in the queue. Although a project could be passed on down the queue, the timelines will not change as the project has to be completed with 72 hours from the time the project is posted on
  • 4: Completed – Once you have ‘Accepted the project’, it cannot be declined. You will have to submit the article within a total of 72 hours from the time the project is posted on Once your status shows “Completed”, you will be able to apply for other projects. Please note that Businesses will rate your IndiPR articles on a scale of 1 – 5 and that these ratings will be by AITE.
  • 5: Paid – Payment will be made within 14 business days of the project being posted on There will be a 10% TDS deducted on your receivable amount if you have submitted your PAN card details. If you have not submitted your PAN card details there will be a deduction of 20% on your receivable amount.
Businesses will be able to choose ratings based on their need. For example, if they rate you low, it means that they won’t want to use you for further projects. Higher ratings will help increase your chance of being chosen for that business. Consistent high ratings help you get chosen for other projects.
The IndiOne ratings are strictly for AITE’s use only. You will not be able to view your rating. IndiOne ratings will not be made public.

The system is designed to be strict as payments are made in advance by businesses just so we can pay publishers faster and without hassle. Abusing the system for personal gain can upset the delicate balance of AITE.

Here are some practices that will be considered as an abuse of the system.

  • 1: Quality Matters - If you are rated low repeatedly by businesses, AITE will quarantine your IndiOne profile for 3 months, post which, your account will revert to an ‘Active’ status. You could be rated low because of non-compliance to subject matter, less than standard design or quality, errors in publishing or irrelevant content.
  • 2: Be Relevant - Choosing press releases that have nothing to do with your blog or its readers could lead to a poor rating. For example you could have an automobile blog and write a press release on hair oil and you could be rated low. If this happens the system will reduce the chances of you being chosen for further projects. It’s up to you to decide, so choose wisely. For those of you who write on a variety of subjects, it is important to tailor the press release to suit your blog and its readers.
  • 3: Time does not wait - Failure to meet deadlines. I.e. if you do not submit an article that you have accepted within the prescribed timelines.

Although you can just mirror the article with a simple covering note, it is important to understand that you could be rated higher by clients for extra effort.

Adding some research and tweaking the article to suit your readers and give clear information about your understanding of the industry and product, promoting your article via sites like Twitter and FB are some of the things that you can do to enhance your chances of being accepted for more projects.

Free Trials

Every business can execute one free trial on Free trials are base packages that are given so that businesses can evaluate the system before they invest in it.

Extra reward points are awarded to publishers who take part in free trials. These points will be added to your internal rating and it will help get you a higher preference when applying for paid projects. The rating from clients on your post submitted for Free Trials also adds to the advantage.