Is Women's Day a mere marketing opportunity for advertisers? How can we make it more relevant to what women want.

kalaa shree


Today’s women struggle not for equality but for... - मैं हूँ नारी आज की, न हूँ मैं अबला, ना लाचार हूँ, पैरों पर अपनी खड़ी हूँ, कमजोर...
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Tomichan Matheikal


Superwoman - The biblical god stopped his creative spree with the manufacture of Eve. Eve put an end to god’s creative imagination apparently. At any rate, Eve was quite a force to reckon with: she changed the...
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Abhijit Ray


Use Market Forces to Increase Awareness... - This week’s Indispire prompt asks if commercialisation of women’s day celebration is acceptable. India has a large population of 1.2 billion strong. Inspite of skewed ratio of male and female,...
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Arvind Passey


Women’s day in search of a new relevance - Women’s day is an opportunity. ‘For what?’ you may want to ask. The answer to this is in my post. Do read...
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