News today is nothing but sensational entertainment that attempt to tilt public opinion towards one or the other point-of-view. Write a post on your opinion of news today.



The Storm Magic - There is a storm that has been raging for long, But, we choose to debate what is right/wrong... To identify the real from the misleading and fake news one has to be wise! A poem about truth and lies.
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Shri Krishna Sharma


Unbiased news in India! - Again submitting my views on an #IndiSpire prompt. This time the point of discussion is “News” , and obviously it includes ‘views’ also. Most of the time our news channels are presenting 10%...
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Tomichan Matheikal


Media in a dystopia - History is divided as After Ford (AF) and Before Ford in that dystopia. Similarly in India today, history is being divided as After Modi and Before Modi. India won’t ever be the same anymore....
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