Oyo Rooms

The Tales of a Traveler


Oyo Rooms Review

thetalesofatraveler.com/2015/06/21/oyo-rooms-review - In the month of May this year, I received an interesting email for #Oyoxplorer activity by Indiblogger. A group of 31 bloggers across Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Gurgaon...
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Shubham Choudhary


OYO Rooms Review – Being the OYOXplorer

abuginmymind.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/oyoroomsreview - An account of my amazing experience with Oyo Rooms in Mumbai.
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OYO Rooms: Recounting my pleasant stay in New...

vikas-gupta.in/2015/06/15/oyoroomsreview - A detailed, 4000-word review of OYO Rooms Kailash colony premium facility, New Delhi.
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Blogwati Gee


Step Out & Check into OYO Rooms

blogwatig.com/2015/06/oyo-rooms-review - Transportation and accommodation occupy a major chunk of your travel budget. Anyone who has the travel bug in them, knows that venturing into new cities is not exactly child’s...
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Biswa Prakash



biswaprakash.com/2015/06/oyoroomsreview.html - A lazy weekend. A chance to be a part of #OYOxplorer. A chance to experience the thrill. A chance to do something new. And finally, my body and mind became active as I started to...
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OYO Rooms New Delhi experience

processingthelife.com/2015/06/15/oyoroomsreview-com - OYO Rooms New Delhi experience, my honest review of the one day stay at the hotel.
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Shrinidhi Hande


Exploring Bengaluru with Oyo Premium

enidhi.net/2015/06/oyoroomsreviewcom.html - Exploring Bengaluru with Oyo Premium.. My experience at Hotel Bengaluru International
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Jimmie Luthra


My Experience with OYO Rooms : India's...

the-area51.com/p/oyo-rooms-review.html - My experience of the stay at OYO Rooms in Mumbai with insights from OYOxplorer blogger activity. Also my brief review on OYO ROOMS.
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Inderpreet Kaur


Oyo Rooms Review

inderpreetkaur.blogspot.in/2015/06/oyo-rooms-review.html - The place was spotless and clean, the linen was fresh as well as the nooks and crannies had been given a good scrubbing. Such cute coaster! I liked the subtle touching and...
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