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Jifi is here!

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Friendly Bank - Finally, banking experience stepping away from yawn to wow!
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Khushboo Motihar


Social Banking is here - My review of Jifi, the world's first social banking platform!
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Sathya Narayanan


Jifi Is Here – Redefining the Future of... - We live in the age where everything is Social and we want to experience it all fast and hassle free but what about banking?Read my blog to know more about the Jifi Experience.
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10 Reasons to Open a Kotak Jifi Social Banking... - Kotak Mahindra Bank recently launched India’s (& probably even world’s) first fully integrated social banking account called “Jifi”, keeping in mind the growing social...
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Kitchen mummy


Banking made hassle-free for homemakers too - My banking journey shared for people who use the term “Housewife” or “Homemaker” in a derogatory and patronizing way....
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Anshul Dixit


Kotak Jifi- A Modern Way of Banking - Read all about Kotak Jifi- the modern way of banking.
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Sammya Brata


Perks of having a Jifi Account.... - Why should someone be interested in opening a socially powered bank account when there's substantial risk involved in terms of loss of sensitive data if the social account linked...
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