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Univercell Sync!

Sumit Nangia


Univercell Sync : Syncing Life to Evolving... - Changing trends in Modern Technology Stores and how they can still compete with their online counterparts.
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Ekta Khetan


SYNC with UniverCell - UniverCell, is a name synonymous with Mobile, Music and Retail is fast "sync-ing" with shoppers and technology enthusiast alike. Let's have a quick peep in to one of their...
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Mangesh Ashrit


Univercell Sync - Experiencing Technology - I could sense the endorphin levels rising in my nervous system the moment I saw the words. Right from the brain, through my eyes till the tip of the fingers and toes, there was a...
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Shailesh Puri


Awesome UniverCell Sync Store – Review - Univercell that has actually introduced personalized techsperience establishments named Univercell Sync in India. Store was well furnished with most recent gizmos suited for every...
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Sync-ing Customers with Technology - Univercell, Chennai based leading Retailer of Mobile Phones and electronic gadgets has recently launched "Univercell Sync", a new format of retail stores that connect customers...
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Akash Govindarajan


Univercell Sync - In Sync with Customer's... - New mobiles and tablets are releasing like movies, every week. There are the flagship mobiles which are the centre of attraction and cost almost a half-a-lakh nowadays. And then...
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