Rasi Phala and Nakshatra Paada Wise auspiciousness for Tomorrow - 26.11.2021,Friday

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Above is the chart showing the Nakshatra Paada Wise Tara Bala and Chandra Bala for Tomorrow , 26.11.2021 along with inauspicious times and auspicious times during the day. From Thursday,25.11.2021 06:50 pm till 09:43 pm , Saturday on 27.11.2021 is Gandamoola as Moon transits between Karkatak and Simha rasis. It is Chandra ashtama for Dhanu rasi people till 20:37 on 26.11.2021 and from then it will be Chandra ashtama for Makara Rasi People. Not advisable to initiate any auspicious acivi...

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