#ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E (207)

Sidhartha Sankar Rout


My Travel Friend – The new Moto E

digitravellers.com - Don’t you feel, it would be wonderful if we can get all these features in one device without compromising the quality? The answer would be definitely “YES“. New Moto E provides all...
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Archana Kapoor


My Smartphone Saga: Old and New Love-mates

drishti.co - One's affair with a smartphone is an intimate experience. From Nokia to Blackberry, to the next one.. here is the story of my smartphone journey.
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Farida Rizwan


The Joy Of Lollipop – New Moto E Smart...

chaptersfrommylife.com - I cannot convince myself to spend 10 times extra money on a phone when the budget phone gives me all the practical and necessary use of phone. I #ChooseToStart making new smart choices of savings...
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iswarya laxmi


There’s a lot more than just iPhones...

i-am-girly.com - Moto E, a new class of smartphone from Moto family is tailored for those looking for a great mobile experience at a jaw drooping price. It is the most budget friendly mobile device ever priced at Rs...
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Amreen Shaikh


I #ChooseToStart a village education program with...

akatheversatile.com - This post is about how I used Moto E smart phone as a tool of creative learning and education in a village and also, how it was of best use there.
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My first Smartphone Journey

sanvish.blogspot.in - I asked her to have video chat; I took my mobile near to Tommy and showed my sisters face. The moment it heard my sister's voice, it started to howl and hum with affectionate tone. She started...
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Dr. Rekha Rani


#ChooseToStart मेरा नया फोन

rekhasahay.wordpress.com - अब समझ आया इसे स्मार्ट फोन क्यों कहते हैं। इससे बैठे-बैठे बातें करो या...
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Harsh Snehanshu


I Choose To Shoot Selfie Videos With Moto E!

anotherscratchinmymind.blogspot.com - My hobby of shooting video selfies could be drastically improved if I get myself a Moto E. Here, I talk why Moto E stands out among its competitors.
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