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Dr.Amrita Basu


CUDDLL:Come together find a friend - When my sister shifted to  Delhi for her post graduate training, I wished I could help her find friends easily and safely. A new city busy work life means she had limited chances of finding...
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Shilpa Garg


Connect with Cuddll - Splitting from your spouse is a roller coaster ride in terms of emotions and life in general. There’s pain, grief, anxiety, confusion and fear to deal with, along with a million other things like...
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Geethica Mehra


Cuddll-Virtual world with a difference - We had just shifted to a new city and the atmosphere was just awesome for my work. My husband has a transferable job and I work from my laptop. So basically every two or three... The post...
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Tina Basu


Relocated to a New City? Get social with Cuddll,... - Making friends in new a city seems difficult? With social discovery app Cuddll finding like-minded people and making friends is easy now. Are you in a job that makes you relocate frequently? Does it...
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Meenhaz Imran


Cuddll – the cutest way to make friends for... - When I received the selection mail for Post Graduation I was both happy & nervous at the same time. It was time to spend few years in a new city – among new people and different culture. It is not...
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Dr Bushra Nausheen


Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come... - It’s a few days back when I was trying my best to get settled down in a new city. Though the weekdays go swiftly. But at weekend I feel very lonely left alone. And don’t even know where to move...
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Anil Sahu


Come Together With Cuddll - ‘Cuddll’ is a new mobile app that enables individuals to initiate and engage in social hangouts around them. At Cuddll, you can meet new people, plan a social gathering, etc. without sharing...
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Kaustav Ghosh Dastidar


CUDDLL- A New Way Of Coming Together - Cuddll is a sort of a social platform which helps you to connect with the people having same passion as you have. The main aim of Cuddll is to shift the social networking goal from mere a profile...
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