Anshul Tewari

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of YouthKiAwaaz.
Was awarded the best Community blog in India by

Talk - Public Opinion Is the New Superpower

Heading a community like no other, Anshul Tewari used his blogging skills to give the much needed impetus to drive breakthrough articles. YouthKiAwaaz addresses issues ranging from the birds and the bees story to solutions for some hard hitting lifestyle issues plaguing the youth as of today. His devotion to his advocacy for free speech on the internet has etched its place in our hearts. Having him speak at BNLF was a no-brainer! His experience in journalism and new media creates an almost magical engagement between the fine art of blogging and the discipline of journalism.

Anshul is one of those people who deserve a standing ovation at BNLF… even before he utters a single word.

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