Blog now and live forever

  • by Ananth
  • 2015-11-05 11:03:42

This was an opportunity of a lifetime as the event was hosting a MASTER CLASS to learn from literally the best in the industry about social media, blogging, digital marketing etc, from the best in the industry, i.e. Jeff Bullas and Christoph Trappe.

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10 Most Awe-Inspiring and WTF Moments at BNLF

Hello everyone! I am writing this blog post to recap IndiBlogger’s very own BNLF for those who couldn’t make it, and to reminisce on some of the key moments, both seen and unseen.

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Kritika Sharma

BNLF Indiblogger Meet - A life altering session

Had the privilege of going to BNLF... The day was full of learning and great speeches. By the time I came back home, I felt like I had the happiest and most useful day of my existence. And I have IndiBlogger and all new friends I made there to thank.

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Shrinidhi Hande

Wonderful bloggers I met at #BNLF, Mumbai

BNLF being a bloggers' meet, I met many bloggers during the 2 days. In this post I am giving a quick intro to these wonderful bloggers I met, so that you can take a quick look and read their blogs too, if you find them interesting.

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Kaustav Sen

BNLF 2015

Approximately 500 bloggers from all over the country had come. Some of the major motivational speakers, keynote speakers, professional trainers, celebrities, all were there. This post has the pictures taken by me over the 2 day event.

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  • by Anks
  • 2015-11-02 22:42:01

The next two days was BNLF – Blog Now Love Forever. It was meant to be the most disruptive blogging conference in the country. Am leaving you with a few pictures of the event. Details will follow soon…

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When 'Cybermaa' went to #BNLF

  • by Zephyr
  • 2015-11-07 06:47:50

This was one Indiblogger event I attended as a mother and not just as a blogger.

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Lakshmi & Gautham

BNL! 0 0=1 and More theories

Blog Now Live Forever, a conference organised by IndiBlogger with speakers from different parts of the world. I have been to many events & get-togethers, but this one was far better than the rest. There was a balance of everything at BNLF.

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Heramb Sukhathankar

BNLF: My First Indiblogger Meet

Here's how I enjoyed Day 2 at BNLF 2015. Thanks Christoph, Jeff, The Lalit Mumbai and of course IndiBlogger for this most disruptive conference on blogging!

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  • by Leena
  • 2015-11-06 22:27:10

BNLF was one big day of celebrations and felt like a month long vacation in disguise. An action packed day that was relished with warm memories and shall always be treasured as a day that redefined luxury, passion and relationships.

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I'm a Blogger B$#%@! And This Is What I learnt At BNLF.

  • by Kartik
  • 2015-11-05 11:24:41

The two day bloggers networking event #BNLF meet started with a bang on 31st October 2015. Over 600 bloggers turned up at the event and soaked in as much as they could from critically acclaimed national and international speakers.

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BNLF 2015: What All Happened at the First Day

  • by Mohit
  • 2015-11-06 18:23:11

I attended the first day of BNLF and learnt many things. Check out this 2000 word post of mine to know the different things that I learnt. Have tea or coffee ready with you, as you're going to spend good time reading this one!

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Sahana Chattopadhyay

#BNLF - 7 Key Takeaways and Other Impressions from Day 1

Within a span of 15~20 mins, the 300 swelled to 500 with more coming. And registration was yet to start. I learned that this amorphous bunch of people consisted of #BNLF regulars as well as the uninitiated like me. “Welcome to the tribe”

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Priyanka Purkayastha

BNLF, where every note is a key note. My experiences & a fairly long account of 2days of awesomeness

So here I am loaded with inspiration & information from the event. Sharing some of my memorable experiences. Perhaps one of my longest written blog post. So please bear with me.

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3 Reasons why I love BNLF and ALL IndiMeets

#BNLF, the epic blogger's event by IndiBlogger. I could attend only Day 1, and this is what I have to say about it and ALL IndiMeets.

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  • by Irene
  • 2015-11-05 22:48:07

The awesome experience that was BNLF. I booked my tickets and stay. The introvert in me had woken up and I was in two minds if I should really go all the way from Bengaluru just for this meet.

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Suman Kher

#BNLF: My review of the most disruptive blogging event of the year

My review of BNLF: Learning, knowledge, networking, food, catching up - it was a great place to be a part of the blogger community this weekend.

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