Arnab Ray

"I comb salman’s Hair."
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Blogger Experience - How Blogging Changed My Life
(And Could Change Yours Too)

Arnab Ray is an amazing example of a creative writer at his finest. His talents have made him a contributor to India Ink – The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal Online, The Times of India, DNA and Outlook. His other jobs that include (but are not limited to) combing Salman’s hair, managing Puru Rajkumar’s career, tutoring Bipasa Basu in physical sciences and book-keeping the Indian National Congress’ accounts, have gotten us to welcome him with open arms and share the BNLF stage with some of blogging's finest. His FAQs say it all. On the BNLF stage he talks about his personal journey with blogging and how his blog made a prominent voice out of an anonymous Computer Scientist.


BNLF CURTAIN RAISER III - Arnab Ray, Keynote Speaker

"India is not perfect, and nations seldom are, but we are doing more things right than we are doing wrong." - Arnab Ray

The Great Bong: A teller of tall tales!
Blogging for more than a decade, writing three best selling books, a PhD in computer science and to top it all, a Bengali living in USA - The perfect recipe for making “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind” the most widely read blog of the Great Bong. This is the place where Arnab Ray downloads his widely read sarcastic outlook on anything and every thing that takes his fancy. And it works too as he is been awarded the best blogger of the year awards quite a few times.

His first book “MayI Hebb Your Attention Pliss”, published by Harper Collins, was on India Today's Bestsellers list. His second book, “The Mine”, has also been well received. His third book, “Yatrik” was published in September 2014. He is contributor to New York Times India Ink, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal Online, Times of India, DNA and Outlook. He is a wannabe politician, disgruntled movie fanatic, tranquil cosmic citizen on the prowl for mind-bending experiences.


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