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as Hell.
Taste my acerbic tongue. Yo!

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Confused as hell. Longs for a change every few years. When life finally pays heed to her prayers and throws her in unfamiliar waters, she sputters, wails, almost drowns in misery before learning to swim. She didn't discover blogging. Blogging discovered her!

Armed with her sharp wit and deep insights, Purba Ray moulded her blog that is a revelation to read! Her recent blog posts titled “Why a Ban on Porn is the best thing to have happened to India” and “Yoga-to Be Flexible To Salute The Sun” prove just that. Her blog posts stimulate very meaningful comments from her readers which turn into discussions of great intellectual value.

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BNLF CURTAIN RAISER V - Purba Ray, Keynote Speaker

"Never underestimate the power of your words, the reach of your blog." - Purba Ray

Purba Ray - Impatience, enthusiasm, optimism.
A Bengali born in Delhi, who is unable to befriend people more interested in the number of bedrooms in her apartment. The epic list of her pet peeves includes zealous parents who are proud for no reason. She vents her angst writing damning posts on her blog and praying no one reads them. But then people do read and relate to her so much so that she has been winner of numerous awards. She has contributed articles for IBN live, NRI Section of TOI and currently blogs for Huffington post.

Sharp writing, intelligent humor, thought-provoking articles makes her happy. Being surrounded by love and positivity is the oxygen for life. She is passionate about experiencing the new, be it through travelling, food or the people she meets.

So friends and fellow blogger, here are some of her thoughts on diverse topics, in her own a-musing style: A little sweet, a little tangy and very very spicy.


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