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The Friend's LOBBY: Need your Reviews!

Hai Folks,

Th Friend's Lobby is a haven of the ideas, thoughts and poetry that I'd like to share with you. Please go through and let me know your valuable comments and suggestions. Looking forward to a good experience in blogging and creative writing. 



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Great great deliverance to enlightenment dude. The background ambience too, extremely soothing and one of the best I came across. I can suggest only one more thing to add in comment options. Name I'd / URL , option can be added if thought appropriate. Rest , rock on.

Sorry, just saw your comment now. I like to keep changing my design. So you won't see the same the next time. :-)

Seethalakshmi K R
Seethalakshmi K R
from Chennai
9 years ago

Gyaan time :) ur posts are cool :)

please review mine too