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like to hear about my blog from reader's perspective

317cauvery is my personal blog where I write about anything that pleases me. Of recent, I had found a new interest in writing short stories and travel diaries. I would like to hear your comments on my blog's content, which I hope will motivate me to keep blogging.

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Hi Ashutosh:

Thank you for taking your time to visit my blog, and reviewing it here for me. Making my blog look more clean, and to post my short story links to other blogs of similar interest is a good idea. I get a feeling that it will work the way you have suggested. I will work on it. Thanks again!


Janane Aravindan
Janane Aravindan
from Chennai
10 years ago

Hi srinivasa,

I liked your blog very much. Nice work. "Troubled Beginnings" was too good. I could visualize all that you had written. Looking for more creative short stories and posts from you. Way to go.

Janane Aravindan

Hi Janane Aravindan,

Thank you for taking your time to review my blog. "Troubled Beginnings" is one of the stories that I personally liked it myself because that's my first work in which I tried to convert my angry and frustration to something productive. Thank you for letting me know that it has come out well. I will try my best to come out with more interesting stories in future :)