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Please review my blog "Casacio"...


I created this blog long back, and it isn't any topic specific blog, It was just to flush out my thoughts into some medium which finally resulted into a blog. I haven't posted much till now, not beacuase of my lack of ideas/thoughts but because of time constraints due to studies. 

I would be highly grateful to you if you take some time and review my blog, leave out suggestions, good or bad. This thing would really encourage me to improve upon and actually learn a lot. 

Really looking forward to this.

In anticipation,

Ritvik Gautam

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from Mumbai
9 years ago

Hey Ritvik,

Welcome to IndiBlogger! Second blog I am reviewing today with an interesting name,very interesting! Thank you for the explanation and enriching my vocab with an italian word Smile

Here are my first impressions for your blog -

  • Keep your blog updated. I see you are an infrequent blogger, and it is not good to keep your readers waiting for long. You write beautiful, very clear, simple flow and straight from the heart kind... you should definitely write more often :)
  • The widgets: Arrange them in a proper order - Search box, About me, followers, labels (categorize your posts and put this widget), archives, and so on. Feed Jiit should be right at the bottom. Page Views can be done away with as it is useless to a reader and you can track them through your blogspot stats or Google analytics.
  • I see 2 share gadgets as of now. One is 'Add this' and other is 'Share it'. Keep only one and discard the other.
  • There is some empty space between add this share gadget and subscribe now. Do check that out.
  • The latest post on biking experience was a wonderful read. I liked the dream idea and kudos to you for writing something inspite of not being a biker! Congratulations for the IndiTee that you have booked for yourself ;) And all the best for the bigger grabs :)

That's it though, keep your wonderful space up and running is all what I want to say, devote some time to it.. it is definitely not that hard! Smile

Cheers and Happy blogging,



Hi Smile

First of all, thank you so very much that you took out some time and gave your ultra-valuable feedback. I can't express how happy I was seeing my frist blog review. It actually is a lot for me. Smile

  • For the infrequency, I had my 12 standard going on, So was a little bit busy these two years. But things are getting better in this respect, and I'll be more active now. Smile
  • I actually found meaning to what you said about the widgets and arranged them accordingly. Thanks Smile. But for the labels, I am confused. I mean I usually use labels as keywords to my posts. So, there are many words which have just been used once. Like at the end of every post, you can see the labels, they are specific to a single post only. So, since there were a lot of labels, So I was a bit of reluctant to use then as they took a lot of space. So, tell me on this, whether I am using the labels wrong way, or what? I am actually confused with this.
  • Removed the 'Share it'.
  • Yeah, I too noticed that, It actually emerged out automatically last night, but now after the re-arrangements, it's gone. Smile
  • Thank you so very much. I'm glad you liked it. I don't have a license yet, but I didn't wanted to miss the IndiTee. Wink

Thank you once again for your support, this actually means a lot to me. 

UPDATE: I just realised that the 'Share it' gadget wasn't working. So, I dumped that, and now I use 'Share This' gadget, which I think is better than that. But the thing is that this doesn't appear on the right side, but after every post.

from Mumbai
9 years ago

Hi Ritvik,

Absolutely my pleasure to review your blog, I know how it feels to get the first review.. I have been in your shoes too Smile I saw your blog, it is looking so much better organized now!

About labels, choose the ones that are common among posts. No need to add all. See what people like reading on your blog. See which ones can garner more clickthroughs for you and then put them up. If your blog is too random for categories then avoid it though. But if you do have a common streak in at least some posts, like 'philosophy' or 'humor', etc for ex. then putting the labels widget is beneficial.

Once you install the widget, You can choose which labels exactly you want to display and which ones you dont, blogger does give that option. If you need any further clarification on this, do not hesistate to ask. Smile

Thank you for the detailed reply, I loved reading it and Good Luck to you!! Smile

Hi! Smile

Thank you for your reply. In a day or two, I'll take some time out and organize everything and put the labels up. Smile

Once again, thank you for review, that really changed my blog in a better way, I feel it! Smile

I actually had another query, How do you write a post? I mean what are the stages you undergo while writing a post. I'm asking this as I think I might be doing it the wrong way, A idea just pops into my mind, and I write it in one go and pubish it (except one). Now I feel I might be doing it wrong.  

Jasmeet Kukreja
Jasmeet Kukreja
from YamunaNagar
9 years ago

hey Ritvik, welcome !

even m new here and feeling great being a part of such a blogaholic family :D


cheers !

Let`s connect ........ :) 



Hi jasmeet,

I am new too and I can understand what you feel like. Like you, I'm also glad to be a part of the family :D


Vysakh Jayakrishnan
Vysakh Jayakrishnan
from Thrissur
9 years ago

saw your blog. read some posts. They are nice. only suggestions are: please don't add so many photos. it looses the charm of the post. About aadhaar post, you have not touched the "privacy" problems concerning it. 

Thank you so much for actually reviewing it and reading my blog! Smile

  • For the photos: I included a lot of photos in the "Commonwealth Games" post. I think it was somewhat necessary there. In other posts, I've just included 2-3 photos, which I think was somewhat neccesary to make it look more attractive. 
  • Yeah! That's because I never really wanted to discuss those issues. In that, I just wanted to give a rough idea, what aadhar card actually is, and my experience getting one. It was more like - my first encounter with a government office.

Thank you so much once again! I really appreciate you took out your time! Smile