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Looking for feedback on my Luxury, Lifestyle and Travel Blog

Urban Eye by Riaan George is a popular lifestyle blog based in Mumbai featuring the latest trends in luxury, fashion, travel and food. 

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Deepa Duraisamy
Deepa Duraisamy
from Mumbai
8 years ago

First off I love the layout, looks like a sleek travel/lifestyle magazine website. You have a very stylish way of opening up the posts and everything related to it like sharing on social networking sites, commenting etc is easily accessible. The only thing I can think of is that there seems to be quite a bit of unused space on the right on the main page. Is that because the post pages have the category etc which is not in the main page? If so, check if there's a way to resize those independantly. Read your post about the village near Barcelona, Spain. Nicely done! Overall I think a beautiful site! Happy blogging!