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Please review my blog

from Pune
9 years ago

I opine therefore I am. 

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You have a really nice blog.

Your theme of writing goes well with the black background (or is it the other way around?).

You have lots of editing to do viz.

  1. Delete your default "first" post.
  2. Edit your about me page.

Keep Blogging :D


Gopan Kombiyil
Gopan Kombiyil
from Cambridge, UK
9 years ago



just adding to Indolent Insomniac's review.


You may consider more categories and keep the uncategorized away ( technically more search engine friendly too)

you can easily find some more useful widgets to populate that empty right side.

You surely have some good food in the kitchen, its all about presenting it in a better way. Keep blogging :-)

hey hi,

I hope you doing fine.

Just happened to be at your blog. Well you have the power to express your emotions so freely, it just flows on. I loved the way you explain every bit of you and your write up.

Its kind of a memoir + flash fiction with in between poetric stance in it.

Keep blogging and happy writing.


Thanks & Regards,