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looking for feedback on my new blog titled..."This life is a mystery....!!!!"

8 years ago

i wanted to share my passion for writing poems with the entire world.....i want to spread joy and happiness.....in this world........because only words can calm a stressed mind..!!!


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from Chennai
8 years ago

Hello Rahul,

I saw your blog. It looks good and the content is rich and clean. Good work with your posts. But I must add the appearance of your blog is quite not good.

I hope your blog will look better if you do the following changes.

  1. Learn to use jump breaks in blog posts while typing the posts. This will make your home page look clean and optimized. Take a look at http://www.coreblogging.in/search/label/Jump%20breaks.
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  3. Keep your blog engaging and post atleast 2-3 posts everweek. Make blogging a habit and it will mend you good results.
  4. Do not put untargeted ads on your blog. If you are looking to make serious money use just google adsense. Using untargeted ads will reduce the search engine diverting traffic into your blog.
  5. Rather than freelancing strick to a particular topic and post more about that particular topic.
  6. Use  light theme for your blog and it will make your blog look pleasant. Strick to a particular font size and style on all posts. I see different font style on each posts.

If you need any help, pls feel free to contact me. I blog for living and this is what I do day and night. Take a look at my blog and gather many blogging tips and tricks and apply it on your blog and shine :)


Happy Blogging!!