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Hector M
Hector M
from Dehradun
9 years ago

This blog is about MBA in India and tips for various exams regarding the same. It has one sub domain with it i.e. on the cat exam

The primary aim of this blog is 

  • To provide good quality information to students. 
  • To become a hub for education information in India. 

Sources of Income (not much, barely covering the costs)

  • Adsense
  • TestFunda.com affiliate
  • Flipkart.com affiliate

I would really appreciate your views on the following - 

  • Is the blog trustworthy and easy to navigate/use?
  • How is the quality of content on the blog? 
  • How can I market TestFunda better? 
  • Any other thing you might consider bringing to my notice to improve this blog further. 

I am also trying to get some writers on board to write about education related topics. Since my revenue is too low to pay directly for every article, I have proposed sharing of income from Adsense and Flipkart. I have not got response for the same so any ideas on how to beef that domain up to get writers on board would be much appreciated. 

Thank You,

Hector M 

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