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Does one have to write on inane subjects to gain attention?

Roger Alexander
Roger Alexander
from Mumbai
10 years ago

I have been writing on political issues for some months now (besides posting articles from other writers). I would appreciate if my blog Roger Reorts is reviewed. Basically I want all of you to point out the weaknesses since I'm clueless about HTML, driving traffic and other blogging essentials. Whatever I've done so far is by hitting the 'help' button and believe me, I can't understand half the instructions! I want to reach a wider audience which I know is out there.

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Sunita Kurup
Sunita Kurup
from Pune/London
8 years ago

hey i just visited ur blog.. pretty informative one.. i find it good to go.. for larger audience I think u need to post reguarly and be more active on Indiblogger.  This is a great site u c :)...ur last post was in March maybe u need to post more frequently :)