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from Bangalore
8 years ago

Hi Team,

I am an inquisitive, restless soul with lots of passion for life. I am a software engineer by profession and a very compulsive optimist. Creative by DNA and love to dance. I love to pen down my thoughts on everything that interests me. My world revolve around my two beautiful daughters. They are world famous now as Khushi and Avani!  This blog is about the world around me. I observe the world around me minutely and write my interpretation of the things (INCREDIBLE BHARAT series). I also write about the witty questions/answers/observations of my 3.5 yr old daughter which reflects how our generation NXT is going to be! I write my motherhood experiences and about the thoughts of the working women in me! I might someday shock you, someday surprise you and even disappoint you by my writing! THAT's ME!! And still lots to discover... MY PUNCH LINE would be  "Live life King size, be stupid, make mistakes and take risks! Help me add or delete stuff you think would add up to a nicer blog. Thanks, Dipti