SIDDARTH PAI would like you to review his/her blog.
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"Please review on my blog i will try to improve"

from Udupi
7 years ago

My blog is about technology,innovation and little bit of politics.I would be glad if you review and Tell me points to improve

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Brajadulal Patnaik
Brajadulal Patnaik
from Hyderabad
7 years ago

Few feedback: 

  1. Please be regular in your blog posts.
  2. Try to use a social media widget (Google+ etc) for creating a community
  3. The formatting can be improved. Be consistent in your fonts. You may want to experiment more on the type, size and color.
  4. Categorise/Label your posts
  5. Do not display all posts in a single page. You can use jump breaks or limit the display to 4-5 posts only

Thanks. Do visit my blog as well.