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Have been writing this blog for a while now.  It has grown into a collection of 400+ subhaaShita-s (verses with power-packed life lessons!).  These verses have been my passion since childhood and have attempted to give their meanings and express my take on these verses, in the commentary section as well.  


Intrigued to know what other bloggers/readers think about the content on my blog.  Feel free to write your feedback/opinions and help improvise it.




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from Bangalore
7 years ago

Hi Rashmi,


i enjoyed reading the slokas in your blog. Good content selection and the transliteration, translation and explanation helps a lot, like it used to be taught in school. The anuvaada and the anvaya.. 


Keep writing and try to post your contents in the indivine so that other bloggers read it you can get to know their appreciation

Thank you for your kind words Vivek.  Also thanks for suggesting to post on Indivine.  Just posted one of my favorite verses there!  Feel free to share your feedback anytime.