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Chirag Joshi
Chirag Joshi
from Dehradun
8 years ago

Hello Everyone cricket is India's Unofficial National Game. No matter what is going on in our country but if India is playing a series against anyteam. whole nations focuses there and why not as Cricket is an UNPREDICTABLE GAME.IT is my new website where i write articles about this Unpredictable Game.Check it out and comment on post.If you want to join this website reply me here.

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Hemal Shah
Hemal Shah
from Mumbai
8 years ago

Hi Chirag,

Welcome to IB Blog Reviews. Here is my two cents...

  • The theme layout is really nice, but this could have been better with a blued out theme instead of the grey one..
  • Content could be better spaced out.. Paragraphs should be more aligned.. 
  • The visit counter is a bad idea.. its old... dont need to keep that.. use Wordpress JetPack and get your stats from there or use Google Analytics
  • Good subscription and promotion options.. use them well
  • Author at the end of every article could be a good idea against plagairism. 

That would be it.. Keep blogging, good luck