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Please Review Dehradunpost.com

Dear friends,

Dehradunpost.com is more than 4 months old now. I see this as the right time to ask for your valuable feedback regarding the content, quality of language, voice etc. on Dehradunpost.com.

Please Review Dehradunpost.com, Your feedback is valuable To Me. Thanks

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Brajadulal Patnaik
Brajadulal Patnaik
from Hyderabad
6 years ago


The layout is quite clean and look is very simplistic. But it seems to contain more of job posts than news/opinions/analysis. A 'about me' paragraph somewhere can build more credibility.

Also went through one of your posts. They are good in engaging in content and language is quite good. Again few cosmetic suggestions: 1. Please post in a slightly larger font so that it is easier on the eyes. 2. This one is on the comments to be posted. After reading the post, I could not locate the button to click to post comments. Later found that the comment button is there on top of the post and when clicked the comment box opens up below. Would be better if the button were available at the end of post

Do visit my blog and give feedback.



Thanks a ton, Mr. Patnaik. Everything you mentioned looks quite valid. Actually the site is still in the development stage, so will surely apply some of your suggestions. Thanks Again. Sure I'll offer you some feedback about your blog.