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Jaymal Bokhiriya
Jaymal Bokhiriya
from Porbandar
8 years ago

Wiknix.com - Internet Tips, Blogging & Make Money Online

Edited 8 years ago
Reason: I changed my website description.
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from Chennai
8 years ago

Your blog is clean and neat.

Pro - Icons are good, Pagenavi widget is good choice

But you can use some CSS tricks to make the design even more better. Try to implement the following.

1. Add seperator line for each post in home page

2. I think the blog will look better if the widgets are on the right side

3.Add zoom effect for the excerpt images

4.Make the footer height smaller

5.Add facebook like button instead of icon  so that it will be useful for the readers

6.Add design for widget title

7.Seperator line(vertical line) between posts and widgets

8.Create a email id (example@wiknix.com) and add it in contact us page.

9.About Us content is too small. Write at least a paragraph(200 to 300 words atleast). This will improve the SEO and will help search engines understand your blog better.

These are my suggestions. You better take a look at my blog at www.teknosrc.com which is also a wordpress technology blog.