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Looking for feedback on my blog dreamweaverdiaries

Krishna Chandran
Krishna Chandran
from Bangalore
7 years ago


If you can look my blog "DreamWeaverDiaries" and provide feedbacks, its greatly appreciated. Looking for feedbacks on the quality of content and language, overall presentation, and type of content. 

Dream Weaver Diaries is a blog based on startups, social media, product review and entrepreneurship. 


Thanks in advance,


Krishna chandran

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Omkar Bhosale
Omkar Bhosale
from Pune
4 years ago

(Its my view please dont take it personally)

Hi krishna,

I read your blog, its interesting but really I dont think it is something new. I being covering startups since 2+ years and I can say that there are ton of websites out there who are doing this.

Just one difference is product review(because its your opinion), since I see that you are business analysts I was hoping you may be writing some of your analyst's opinions but I didn't found any.

I would like to know what are you planning to do different in this blog? and what are your plans for future? new features or different take

hoping for your reply