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Looking for feedback on my Blog.

Preethi Venugopala
Preethi Venugopala
from Bangalore
9 years ago

Mine is a pesonal blog.

I would like to hear suggestions to improve my blog.


Thank You in advance..

Preethi Venugopal

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I wish I could have done this a long before Laughing Once a random click on indivine, landed on your blog, I found it as a portal of talents you have. First, I have seen only a few craft works, later I got to know that you are well versed in painting as well. 

Pictures speak more than words, especially I like the Acrylic works and Pencil sketches a lot. Rather just presenting a showcase of your work the blog tries to teach others how to do things in steps. That needs applause Chechi.

Overall you are a multitalented person. Please keep drawing, painting, writing and blogging... 

I have a suggestion for the blog layout, if the blog has a magazine / gallery layout on the homepage, it would be even better to browseSmile.

Thanks and Regards


Preethi Venugopala
Preethi Venugopala
from Bangalore
8 years ago

Thank You Dinesh... I will try that layout...Not sure how though. Have to experiment..:)

It was a pleasant surprise to click on your blog. You are really awesome. Many streams...same flow, same class.

I'll intimate you later after exploring your blog-post thoroughly. Thanks.

Preethi Venugopala
Preethi Venugopala
from Bangalore
7 years ago

Thanks for the review Himanshu Kumar Pandey. Glad you liked my blog.

from calicut
6 years ago

Hi Preethi

Your blog is awesome and it have a beautiful content inside it,

Just remove that big banner ad and make it adjustable to page layout because it cover some part of your blog

and Well I am very happy because ur from Kerala Cool

Mritunjay Tripathi
Mritunjay Tripathi
from New Delhi
5 years ago

Hello Preethi ji,

This is very nice Blog. Embarassed It will be very useful and helpful for readers. Cool Keep Blogging.

Best Regards,