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Happiness in the making - Read n Enjoy my blog

Hi Folks,

Our life is a never ending journey of culture, people and explorations, I happened to one of them, who enjoys it the core, this blog is about the little sweet journeys of my life.

It would be great, for people like you to comment, people like you who have seen tons of blogs from all over to read through mine and give your ideas.

Looking forward to hear from you.


-Vasanth G.Benjamin

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Shilpa Garg
Shilpa Garg
from Jaipur
10 years ago

Good  posts! But some are way too long!

Hope 2009 sees u blogging a lot coz 2008 and 2007 had just 1 post each!Smile

All the best!

Hii Shilpa... Thanks alot.. I love writing long ones.. he he.. but ya.. will try to keep it shorter..