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Vidhya Rao
Vidhya Rao
from Seattle
6 years ago


IntroductionBorn and raised in the warmth of a wonderful family. Gifted with average intelligence. Blessed with great friends. Fortunate to have an amazing family of my own.Always thankful for the awesome life. Bragging rightsI am no ordinary women in the eyes of my family . To my son I am a super mom. To my husband I am a trophy wife. To my friends I am their strong supporters. Blogging podium: I have a few interests in my life like home decor, DIY, traveling, photography, cooking, music, dance and of course recently got sucked into blog about all these. My aim is to utilize this space in order to share and hopefully inspire you all through an array of topics.  TaglineLove all, Trust a few, Do wrong to none            ~            Williams Shakespeare