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Please give your inputs on my blog...

mily jain
mily jain
from Ahmedabad
6 years ago

Beauty, makeup and skincare blog with products from international and national brands.

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juhi roy
juhi roy
from delhi
6 years ago

hello milli

saw your blog!!

so i will herby give you a detailed review of your blogLaughing

i like the template that you are using but i feel it could get better i mean your blog is good but to be seen by others it need to stand out.

u can use more widgets and gadgets on your blog to connect with people. use certain quirky widgets to make people come to your blog more and more.

and now coming up to your writing, i like it its really good conveys the message really wellSmile

hope this reviews helpsSmile

Aradhana Goyal
Aradhana Goyal
from NOIDA
3 years ago

Hello Milli,

I have read few articles , and they seem to be really good. Keep it up!!!